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Grains grown for our mill are controlled both in nature and quality. Growers must meet rigid specifications; crops must be three years away from the use of chemicals on grain and soil. Our growers are certified by a recognized Organic Certification Company and checked by a representative from their Organic Certification Company every year. Natural Way Mills is certified by G.O.A. - Global Organic Alliance, a well known and accepted international certifying association. Our mill is checked by a G.O.A. representative every year.

Natural Way Mills is also certified with the O.U. (Orthodox Union), and are inspected by the FDA on a regular basis.

Our products are not bleached, bromated or preserved in any way, nor do we enrich them. They are as natural a product and as pure as we can possibly make them. Because of our milling method, we obtain a unique fineness and light color not found in other whole grain flours. This method of milling also protects the shelf life.

Natural Way Mills' Whole Wheat flour is 100% extraction. We do not remove the germ from any of our flours. Our Gold n White is similar to white flour in texture, but because of it containing the germ and most of the nutrients of the Whole Wheat flours it has a creamy white color and makes lovely creamy-white bread. Our flours are all dry-milled and you will need to use 1/4 less in your standard recipes.

Should you have any questions about our products, please fell free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have.



UPS Zone Chart

Red Spring Wheat
Durum Wheat
Yellow Corn
Hulled Barley
Pearled Barley
Hulled Millet
Yellow Split Peas
Green Split Peas
Whole Wheat Flour
Gold 'N White Flour
Rye Flour
Barley Flour
Soy Grits
7-Grain Cereal
Corn Grits

We also do Specialty Milling & custom processing.Contact us for more information.


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